Yes, for the basic exam and cleanings. However, a credit card is still required, but will be held to secure payment. If a restorative or other procedure is needed, financial arrangements (credit card or ACH or similar) must be made.

Yes, we provide a payment plan for some patients requesting this. This is on a case by case basis. More details can be received by emailing us.

We have portable equipment which is brought inside to the patient. This includes a portable dental exam chair, a digital x-ray system, and a portable operatory system.

Yes, we waive all home-visit fees for assisted living and skilled nursing or similar facilities.

Yes, we can see patients in home setting.  The fee is $300 plus exam fees.  If restorative or other dental work is eventually performed, the service fee is often waived or rebated.

We are an out-of-network provider and therefore are not associated or “in network” or a “preferred provider” with any particular dental insurance carrier.  Therefore we can not know how much or even if the company can be reimbursed. There are many insurance plans in the US and they all vary to a degree on how much they will reimburse for procedures.  Your dental insurance policy is a contract between you and them and we can not act as an intermediary except for providing them with the necessary dental claim form and associated information.

Yes, as a convenience, if you provide valid dental insurance coverage details, we will electronically file all claims for you.  All proceeds are made payable to the card holder address on file with the company.  Since it is done electronically, your reimbursements are often received faster then if you submit hand written claims. This is not in lieu of payment to Elite Mobile Dental.

Medicare does not currently cover any general dental procedures.

We are a mobile dental provider and have additional costs associated with the portable equipment.   As our clientele tends to be older, we tend to spend more time with each client. We can accommodate patients in their wheelchair or bedside.  We are capable of addressing the special needs and challenges involved with a geriatric practice.

Yes, we have a low power digital x-ray system which allows for immediate viewing on a laptop.

We come out to most of our facilities on a quarterly basis. However, we are happy to make additional visits as needed in between these regular visits.

We typically can see you within a couple days depending on our routes and schedule.

We generally send out postcards before all regular quarterly visits. Some facilities prefer to email or call their residents and/or families before our visits.

No – we are not currently a medicaid provider.

Recent studies have shown Fluoride treatments to be very helpful in several ways. Firstly it is shown to improve remineralization of teeth in which it can not only stop decay but can even reduce it.  The other benefits for adults is the prevention of root decay.  Adults with gum recession are at risk of root decay because the surface becomes exposed to decay causing bacteria in the mouth. The older you are, the more prone you are to gum recession.

All patients seen by our hygienist must be a ‘patient-of-record’ and therefore seen by our dentist.

Please contact us immediately at our regular office number. If you are an existing patient of record, we can usually get back with you on the same day. If we have not seen you before, we will contact you as soon as possible to make arrangements.  We can usually see new patients with emergencies within in a few days.

Also please contact Dr. Margaret Shaw’s office at 972-223-0313

We have found with our elderly clientele, that many can not remain comfortable for the time needed to do an exam and then a cleaning. So, we do exams on one day, then return with our hygienist for cleanings on a separate day.

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