How Does It Work?


Thank you for visiting Elite Mobile Dental (EMD).  Here is how it works.  It is very simple.

Step 1
Patient / Responsible Person (RP) calls in or emails us to request an appt.

Step 2 
Patient/RP downloads the Consent for Treatment form and completes to the best of your ability.  Patient/RP will sign and mail / fax / email all forms to EMD.

Step 3
Patient/RP will sign and mail / fax / email Consent for Treatment form back to EMD.

Step 4
EMD will contact you to discuss your concerns, needs and desires. 

Step 5
EMD will schedule the appointment as soon as we receive your signed Consent for Treatment form.

Step 6
EMD will inform you and the patient of the date and time of the scheduled dental visit.  EMD will do all required coordination with facility staff to facilitate a successful dental visit.  This includes any and all premedication requirements/coordination.

Step 7
EMD will execute the dental visit and an EMD staff member will call you within 24 hours of the visit to provide you a post dental visit summary.  EMD is a mobile dental practice for seniors.  EMD experiences many changes, challenges and emergencies throughout our scheduled dental day.  EMD thanks you in advance for your patience and flexibility.  We will make every effort to call ahead if we are going to be significantly early or significantly late.