Serving Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities On-Site for Dallas, Texas and Suburbs


Contact Us Today For An Appointment

elite mobile dental patient
  • Call 214-960-0975

    Patient/ RP (Responsible Person) calls in to request an appointment

  • Submit New Patient Form

    Patient or RP will fill out and return new patient form.  Email to: info@elitemobiledental.com Fax to: 1-866-729-1207

  • Our Office Schedules Appointment

    EMD will inform you and the patient of the date and time of the scheduled dental visit.  EMD will do all required coordination with facility staff to facilitate a successful dental visit.  This includes any and all premedication requirements

  • Doctor Consultation With Exam Results

    The Dr. will consult with the patient and/or RP.  If the RP is not available for the appointment, the Dr. can follow up via phone to discuss results and treatment options